A New Furniture Universe for Copenhageners and Tourists – Press Release – May 23, 2012

House of Finn Juhl Copenhagen opens on 24 May at Nordre Toldbod

Both residents and tourists will now have the opportunity to experience Finn Juhl’s furniture universe as a whole in Copenhagen. This is possible because the Ringkøbing company Onecollection in cooperation with Galleri Feldt open the showroom House of Finn Juhl Copenhagen at Nordre Toldbod – just before the Gefion Fountain and with a view to the Opera house on the island of Holmen.

Galleri Feldt, which is owned and managed by Louise Feldt and Martin Arno Mathiesen, has been exhibiting modern furniture art for 10 years at this location and selling used furniture classics with all the patina and history the furniture has been able to preserve. Recently, the gallery has had a special focus on the works of Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner and Poul Kjærholm.

“Our customers come from all over the world and they consider the old vintage furniture to be as much art as household furniture”, clarifies Martin Arno Mathiesen.

Both Louise Feldt and he share a passion for furniture art from the period 1950s – 1970s. Original vintage furniture in good condition is not seen every day, but this has not discouraged Galleri Feldt to make it consider introducing new furniture – that is to say, apart from Finn Juhl’s furniture.

“In general, our customers are not interested in new furniture or, for that matter, in modern manufacturers as compared to old. They are looking for something original and a story deeply rooted in the wear and patina of the furniture.

However, we decided very quickly to make an exception and contact Onecollection that were happy to allow us to exhibit a simple Poet sofa and an accompanying Eye Table. We made this decision because we have found in Onecollection’s furniture a lot of the passion we worship in old master carpenters. They hae a detail orientated selection which suits us perfectly.

We were not sure how our customers would react, so this was an experiment. It was successful and many customers were able to see the same connection between the new and the old in Finn Juhl’s furniture. Yes, we have sold new Finn Juhl furniture to our most fervent vintage customers,” says Martin Arno Mathiesen.
Onecollection, owned by founders Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen, has been manufacturing and marketing Finn Juhl’s furniture ever since 1999 after they acquired the exclusive rights from Finn Juhl’s widow Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. In addition to Finn Juhl’s masterpieces, the company makes design furniture created by several Nordic designers.

“House of Finn Juhl” is a new way of managing a showroom. The furniture is visible, available and welcoming in a beautiful setting and we have room to tell the story in a way that helps people understand the context. The collaboration with Galleri Feldt means that everyone can visit a living showroom with super competent staff throughout the week”, says Ivan Hansen.

A Sensory Showroom
A pure and relaxed atmosphere has been chosen for “House of Finn Juhl” with the master’s furniture – a white, minimalist expression that makes it possible to feel the furniture.

“To Finn Juhl ”feeling” was very important. His furniture is sensory and has to be felt,” explains Ivan Hansen.

“We will be happy to display Finn Juhl’s furniture in a framework where only the furniture is in focus. At the same time we would like to create an atmosphere that resembles the atmosphere in his own house. This is why we have tapestry and carefully chosen decoration that capture the spirit of the time. We do not have pictures on the walls: they seem to be more confusing than beneficial. It is the furniture that is in focus here”, explains Martin Arno Mathiesen.

“Finn Juhl’s house in Charlottenlund is a ”must-see” for design tourists. We hope that the House of Finn Juhl in Nordre Toldbod will become one too. The area here is new and trendy and many people have not heard of it yet. The back wall of the showroom neighbours upon the Kastellet fortification, and the Churchill Park, which is within easy reach from the showroom. The Gefion Fountain and the Little Mermaid are also nearby, and the building itself is an 18th century dock worker building. A lot of culture and history meet here”, says Ivan Hansen.

The opening of the House of Finn Juhl will be celebrated with a reception for invited guests on 24 May from 3 pm to 8 pm.

For more information and pictures:

Galleri Feldt, telephone: 33 91 11 00
Ivan Hansen, Onecollection, telephone: 70 27 71 01.




In the House of Finn Juhl Copenhagen, which opens at Nordre Toldbod on 24 May you will find sensory furniture in focus in Finn Juhl’s complete universe.