Dane Decries Backward furniture – Press Coverage – 1963. New York times

Af: Barbara Plumb

”Finn Juhl designed his three most important chairs in the forties with this philosophy: The carrying structure is emphasized as a piece of sculpture and, the seat and back are “surfaces to give rest to a man’s body” The lounge chair, upper left, and conference chair, lower right, introduced here in 1948, is teak an wool. All three chairs are available at Georg Jensen”

“ ”I think it’s awful” he said sternly. “to see furniture turn backward when architecture is still developing in a contemporary direction. In all great periods of design, the architecture and interior decoration have followed each other and stimulated each other. What do you expect to find in a rococo castle? Peasant furniture? I think it would be rather astonishing” citat FJ


“ “I love the way Corbusier divided his rooms up into components. I tried to design a chair in the same way, so the carrying structure was emphasized as one thing and the seat and back were just surfaces to give rest to a man’s body” he explained” citat FJ


“Currently there is little new in Scandinavian furniture design but a refinement and a continuing of what has been already”. ”But we have great interest in studying new materials and new production methods and out of this will come a more international outlook” citat FJ

“One of the high points of his career came when the King and Queen og Denmark asked him to design a gift for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to be presented on their state visit five years ago”. “I designed three nesting tables in rosewood an end table and two smaller occasional tables. The seal of Elizabeth II was inlaid in the tops in Silver, he said with pride”