Danish furniture artist celebrated all over the world – Press Release

Press Release – Danish furniture artist celebrated all over the world
If he were alive, furniture designer Finn Juhl would turn 100 years in 2012, a year during which the legacy of his work lives on stronger than ever

Denmark’s great furniture designer Finn Juhl would turn 100 years on 30 January 2012.
His birthday is celebrated in both Denmark and abroad with lots and lots of exhibitions and a re-launch of a buffet, a bench and a lamp series designed by the master’s hand.

Although Finn Juhl passed away in 1989, the interest in his furniture, lamps and interior decoration still lives on stronger than ever. And the knowledge of his work is growing strongly all over the world.

“Finn Juhl was the artist of Danish design. He made furniture pieces which were more works of art than actual furniture. At the time of their launch, his furniture pieces caused indignation because they were extravagant, superfluous and neither minimalistic, nor easy to produce,” Christian Olesen explains.

He is a museum inspector at Design Museum Denmark which will celebrate the artist’s 100th anniversary with an exhibition of Finn Juhl’s furniture and the self-taught designer’s original work drawings starting from February and throughout the rest of the year.

“A tired walrus”
While his furniture did not gain much popularity in his time at home, it, nevertheless, made a breakthrough in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s. Abroad Finn Juhl became synonymous with the concept of Danish Design.

“Today we see them as the works of art they really are, works of art at a very high level. In addition, we are also experiencing a retro wave where many elements from the 1950s and 1960s are making a breakthrough. Finn Juhl’s furniture is synonymous with the 1950s. Finn He is the main exponent for teakwood and kidney-shaped coffee tables, i.e. in short, organic furniture shapes,” Christian Olesen says.

The Pelican chair is probably the most organic piece of furniture ever created by Finn Juhl. It was scornfully called “a tired walrus” when it was displayed for the first time in 1940. In reality, the chair was drawn as an experiment for Finn Juhl’s own home, deeply inspired by the modern art of the 1930s.

“The Pelican hits the bull’s eye in our time. I think that it is first now that we are mature enough to understand the Pelican and its humour. Furniture design in 1940 was a serious and strictly sober matter and the Pelican made established furniture designers think that Finn Juhl did not take people seriously since he could draw such a piece.”

Three new re-launches
Furniture studio Onecollection has proven that Danish design furniture is no longer subject to this type of strict standards with the re-launch of a large number of works designed by Finn Juhl – three of which, the newest ones, has been displayed at the furniture fair in Cologne from 16 to 22 January: a buffet, a bench and a lamp series.

“It is a fantastic gift for a furniture producer to be allowed to re-launch Finn Juhl’s masterpieces and we can simply not stop rummaging into the treasury of his drawings for yet another hidden gem. After a couple of years of re-launches of his organic stuffed furniture and marvellous, sculptural wooden chairs, we have now chosen to put into production a series of taut furniture from the 1950s. Considering the great interest that there is now in his furniture all over world, this is our contribution to keeping his art alive and to celebrating his 100th anniversary,” Hans Henrik Sørensen from Onecollection says.

Books and exhibition in Japan
Furniture enthusiasts in Japan have worshipped Finn Juhl for decades. Professor Noritsugu Oda from Asahikawa has been collecting original furniture and gathering an enormous amount of knowledge about Finn Juhl for 30 years. The professor is now transforming this knowledge into a completely new book. An exhibition of the Dane’s organic furniture universe will also be shown from 28 January to 11 February 2012 in Park Tower, Shinjuku in Tokyo. The 2012 Finn Juhl Prize will be awarded during the exhibition.

“We have chosen to pay homage to Finn Juhl on his birthday in Japan where there is a practically cult-like interest in his furniture and work. The exhibition is designed by Søren Ulrik Petersen who has focused on the sensual in the master’s furniture”, Henrik Sørensen says.

Onecollection is also producing a new book on the furniture designer’s work and Museum Ordrupgaard is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Finn Juhl’s birth on Sunday, 29 January, with a festive programme followed by a number of lectures in the spring. Finn Juhl’s house will also be open for guided tours.

Museum Trapholt puts a focus on Finn Juhl’s works from the 1940s with an anniversary exhibition, which opens on Finn Juhl’s birthday, 30 January.

There will be events in honour of Finn Juhl all over the world during the year.


Photo: The Danish – international modernist and architect Finn Juhl, would turn 100 years this 30 January. His anniversary is celebrated all over the world with events in his honour.

Photo, Lamp Series: In connection with the 100th jubilee Onecollection has re-launched a complete series of lamps designed by Finn Juhl in 1963. For a number of years the lamps were produced by LYFA. The series consist of a table- and wall lamp and a pendent.

Photo, Buffet: Finn Juhl was known for using colours for his furniture and interiors. The re-launch of the coloured sliding doors and trays from the 1950’ies is a clear example of this.

Additional information:
Hans Henrik Sørensen, owner, Onecollection, tel. +45 70 27 71 01