Furniture Markets Push, Ruin Designer by Pressure – Press Coverage – 6. oktober 1960

Af: J. W. COHN

“Factories and workshops should have exhibitions when they have new things to show, not to meet some deadline imposed by a commercial showing in Fredericia or Chicago or Grand Rapids. I believe these regular shows give a bad impression of the designing ability of the country. The results of these shows is that attempts are made to change furniture styles like they change the chromium on automobiles every year. Yet even in the automobile industry, the really good designs are the ones that last like the old Citroen or the Rolls Royce” Citat FJ

“But I hope and believe there is room for much more development of the type of furniture that combines usefulness with beauty, furniture that is really meant to be used in the home. There is a lot of beautiful furniture that you cannot live with because it means nothing. It is important to love the furniture you live with. We Scandinavians all have a great feeling for the home and that is what makes us good designers” Citat FJ