Home as an artistic universe of furniture – Press Release

Home as an artistic universe of furniture
Experience Finn Juhl’s sculptural design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013

The Danish architect and modernist Finn Juhl would have turned 100 in 2012. Thus, he was celebrated with special exhibitions all over the world throughout 2012.

On this year’s furniture fair in Stockholm, Onecollection follows up on the celebration of Finn Juhl, with an unique exhibition of his organic furniture and lamps from the 1940’s and 50’s.  The exhibition, showing a modern home, is arranged in collaboration with designer Rigetta Klint.

Onecollection has since 2001 relaunched Finn Juhl’s artistic universe of furniture and is today able to present more than 25 unique models from the period 1940-1965.

Finn Juhl was always inspired by what was close to his heart – art. Thus, the vocabulary of Finn Juhl’s furniture was greatly opposed to the trend of that time, led by gurus like Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Kaare Klint in Denmark, where functionalism was more important than form and figure. Cubism and surrealism were the dominating movements in modern art of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Both directions based on the human body. Finn Juhl did the same. He said: ”First the body – then the furniture”.

Finn Juhl was the first modern furniture designer with an artistic approach to furniture design. No other designer has created furniture or masterpieces like Finn Juhl did it in his golden years: the 1940’s with furniture like the Pelican chair, the Poet, the 45 chair and the   Chieftain chair. However, Finn Juhl was much more than these world-famous icons.

You can experience it all on the fair in Stockholm, where we present the furniture in the hottest colours and materials of the time, being part of a modern home design.

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Apart from Finn Juhl, we present a new chair, TIME, designed by the Danish designer Henrik Tengler, who also created the successful ”Chairman chair”. ”TIME” is cosmopolitan functionalism – a dynamic conference chair with an international vocabulary.

We further present a super elegant stool, WARNING, by Norwegian Linn Anna Bjørk, as well as a minimalistic and simple rack, ONECASE, by Danish Søren Ulrik Petersen.

Onecollection was founded in 1990 by Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen, under the name Hansen & Sørensen. The two founders still own the company, which today is one of the most advanced players in the Danish industry of design furniture. Onecollection is currently working on a comprehensive furniture assignment in one of the permanent council halls in the UN headquarters in New York.

This hall was fitted by Finn Juhl in 1950. Thus, Onecollection is recreating the original Finn Juhl chairs for the delegates. The company is further fitting the hall with new customized tables, as well as new chairs, designed by designers Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard. Pictures from the project are displayed on screen on the fair in Stockholm.

Pelican ChairBaker SofaPelican Chair





For further information, please contact Henrik Sørensen, Tel.: +45 20222103