Pelican Chair – Press Material – April 2012

Design: Finn Juhl, 1940

The Pelican Chair is clearly a result of Finn Juhl’s inspiration from artistic interpretations of the human body – particularly in surrealism and cubism.

Thanks to its organic shape, the Pelican has almost got a human character and therefore become a body in itself. In the Pelican Chair, one human body can find shelter in another. Although initially dismissed as “walrus-like” by his contemporaries, this chair later became an iconic example of his design.

It was obvious to Finn Juhl, that furniture needed an artistic sensibility, in order to be both exciting as well as at peace with the surroundings.

Typical of Finn Juhl, the Pelikan is very comfortable and manufactured according to best craftsmanship traditions with hand-sewn upholstery. The legs come in several types of wood.

Finn Juhl also pointed out that furniture is a practical necessity, and therefore should not be created as visual objects but seen as –and used as – applied art, as he explained in 1965.

Finn Juhl was the modern furniture designer, who created artistic access to furniture design. This made him famous in Denmark and abroad.

After his death, he inspired new generations all over the world.

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Design: Finn Juhl, 1940