Poet Sofa – Press Material – April 2012

Design: Finn Juhl, 1941

Inspired by ”free art”, Finn Juhl designed Poeten for his own home in 1941. Today this sofa represents a part of Danish cultural history and modern furniture that exudes values that have more or less disappeared in these days of fleeting fancies.

Art dictated Finn Juhl’s designs. He also used his artistic sensibilities to use his design as a reflection on his own times. It was Finn Juhl’s ambition to create furniture with a personality that reflected both functionality and aesthetics.

It has been said about Finn Juhl, that he thought a piece of furniture should be seen as an individual piece of art and not just as part of the overall interior design. Furniture should reflect the personality and originality of the artist, and at the same time be a practical piece of functional art – rather than a sculpture.

It was the human freedom as reflected in surrealism and cubism that inspired Finn Juhl.

Particularly Jean Arp’s portrayal of the human torso and Barbara Hepworth’s modernist sculptures.

Rather than thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl had the mindset of a sculptor, when he shaped a piece of furniture. In the 1940s and 1950s, this way of working had never been seen before. His ambition was to design furniture with movement and life.

Poeten is made to the finest manufacturing standards with hand-sewn upholstery, and its legs come in several different types of wood.








Design: Finn Juhl, 1941