In 1963, Finn Juhl designed a series of lamps for the Danish lamp company LYFA. The company was originally named “Københavns Lampe- og Lysekronefabrik” (Copenhagen Lamp and Chandelier Factory), but changed the name to LYFA in 1930. From the 1950s onward, LYFA hired designers to design lamps in modern shapes and was later honoured with several design awards. Finn Juhl is among the most famous designers. The FJ Lamp series was only in production for seven years and is nowadays both rare and coveted as second-hand models.

FJ Lamps are designed by Finn Juhl’s design criterion on movement. The outer shade can move freely in the solid inner shade and direct the light where you need it. Finn Juhl also worked in this way with his furniture, allowing for great freedom of movement. He said: “Furniture should be like beds – you need to be able to move in them.”

FJ Lamps that are made of painted metal are now back in production at ONECOLLECTION in original design for a colour combination of two shades of gray.

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