Pelican Chair Artwork Edition

The Pelican turns 75

This year, the padded chair that spent most of its life completely forgotten, can celebrate its anniversary as one of Onecollection´s most successful and iconic Finn Juhl re-launches.

To mark the anniversary the Pelican Chair is launched in a special ARTWORK EDITION where the world famous Danish artist Asger Jorn´s drawing “Macbeth” adorns the upholstery of the Pelican Chair in a tribute to Finn Juhl’s biggest source of inspiration: Art.


From forgotten duckling to beautiful Pelican

It wasn’t on the cards 75 years ago that the Pelican would become the popular and admired chair it is today. The chair was among the very first pieces Finn Juhl designed for his own home. When the Pelican was first introduced in 1940, the generously padded chair didn’t look like anything people had seen before. Its critics called Finn Juhl’s furniture “tired walruses,” among other things and undoubtedly the name “The Pelican” was initially not meant as a compliment. During the following 60 years, no one spoke of the peculiar pelican. The chair only got a new lease of life 15 years ago, when it was re-launched and manufactured again by Onecollection.

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